Silvia Troyce

Silvia Troyce

Founder, Strategic Planning

Daughter #9 out of 10 brothers and sisters, always eager to learn, very interested in physics, motors and the smell of burnt oil; “why do planes fly was an enigma, that pushed me to try it for myself, and that’s how I became a commercial pilot”

I flew for years in an executive aviation company for a Mexican family

After that, I dedicated time for sports, where I found a great passion for cycling, and running in Mexico and the world.

I did triathlons for many years, with a number of achievements, and the peak of those was the privilege of doing the Ironman in Hawaii.

Simultaneously, I began working in travel, to help out my father in a travel agency he acquired, never dreaming this would become my new world.

Today, I am a citizen of the World, having visited 90% of the countries that are possible to visit, because unfortunately some others with great wealth are not within the scope of possibilities, given political or safety reasons

I have 30+ years’ experience in the traveling business, and I am committed today more than ever to put all my passion in every trip, because every client is unique, and when I start putting them together, my mind flies away to faraway places and that is why I believe I am good at passing on the enthusiasm to people, while safeguarding their economic and time investment as well as their dreams

Silvia Troyce

Tanya Mizrahi

Co-Founder. Operations

System Engineer with a solid and successful career, first 10 years in Procter & Gamble, one of the world’s most successful and demanding companies: “there I learned operational excellency, with a very high level of complexity working in Marketing and Sales with a team of more than 20 people under my responsibility and in charge of categories with sales over 70 Million USD.

After that, I decided to follow my passion in life which is travel, because ever since I was a little girl, I had the fortune of traveling the world and loved it, so 6 years ago, I started my work in travel, combining this experience with my operational capability.

I love creating trips where our clients can just relax, live, experience and forget about everything else.