Our Clientes

Our clients are people from all ages, couples, families, explorers, dreamers, with some of the most important ingredients we find which is curiosity, enthusiasm and a great thirst for knowledge. Also, with a higher expectation of quality service, comfort and luxury.


Gustavo y Fanny Bogomolni

We have traveled with Silvia and Tanya (STM) for many years, all our experiences have been extraordinary, we have a great trust in them, given their vast experience and knowledge of the world, their warm attitude which we love and the fact that they are always willing to solve anything and are available all the time. It is a real pleasure to have them as “friendly” travel agents.

Thank you for helping us experience the best moments and memories, we love you.

Jessica y Yuval Hilman

Tanya and Silvia organized our dream honeymoon, we were in 4 different countries within Africa: South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda and Tanzania. A perfect combination between luxury and adventure. We did safari during the Migration in East Africa and stayed at the most beautiful hotels I have seen, the food was delicious, we climbed mountains, walked besides gorillas, had breakfast with giraffes, did rafting in the Zambesi river… all in all it is a trip that will be with us for the rest of our lives. We had an outstanding level of service and attention to details like I have never seen.

Thank you for such an extraordinary experience!